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Who doesn't know these brief moments of longing: it's either a lazy, rainy winter evening, a boring day in the office, or the short time you're waiting on the train track, clicking through some exciting travel listings, hoping that very soon your next vacation will be just around the corner. This wishlist is for such and other situations. You can temporarily save accommodations that you find interesting, that you would like to show to your partner, or that you simply have a question about. Just click on the <3 in the description of the accommodation and it will be added to the list. In a way, it is your browser that remembers the listing, not our website, and as long as you don’t delete your browsing history, you will find the noted guesthouses, wineries, eco-villages and other accommodations on this list for up to 30 days. And if you do lose track of something, a quick call to us would help to find the accommodation that suits you individually, in the desired time period and for every budget.