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Myecostay.eu is a booking platform for sustainable & selected accommodation with ecologically committed hosts in Europe. Available in three languages, it is the only platform that, in cooperation with the compensation company atmosfair, presents a CO2 balance sheet for each rental property.
Since 2013, we have acquired over 200 rentals in accordance with TourCert criteria.

Now we want to take the next step!

We are launching a crowdfunding campaign for the relaunch of our myecostay.eu booking platform.

Here are the most important details to the crowdfunding campaign.


Why Crowdfunding?

The purpose of the crowdfunding campaign is to replace the existing platform myecostay.eu with a specially implemented platform, as well as to move existing functionalities and develop further ones. In addition, the entire platform will now also offer sustainable activities in addition to a selection eco-friendly accommodation.
In order to make this next step, we need your financial support.

Why are we turning to alternative means of funding?
The company's business development to date has been propelled exclusively from its own funds, but these do not generate enough cash flow for major re-investments. The turnover is modest (< €500,000), but is on the rise annually (+16% between 2018 and 2019), especially due to the strong increase in the value of our services and products. Margins in the European tourism sector have traditionally been low, but the company has made sensible strategic choices in terms of targets and products, which has already enabled it to increase its gross margin by 24% (2018 – 2019).

There are no liabilities or leasing contracts for either the company or the managing director. For the first time, we would like to make use of external financing and have decided in favour of crowdfunding. Firstly out of interest and secondly for marketing reasons. Crowdfunding provides us the:
- possibility of involving the community in our economic development,
- alternative to a bank loan from our bank, which is only granted from one million euros upwards,
- option of avoiding costly bank borrowing costs as a small business subject to the seasonality of the tourism market.

Timing in e-business is indeed very important. According to our economic forecasts, the new Myecostay should generate enough income quickly enough so as to become self-sufficient and even enable future investments such as in recruitment of staff, the development of a second mobile app, etc.

The goal: relaunching the booking platform
The sum: €90,000
Minimum contribution: €250. In addition, any amount divisible by 50.
Maximum contribution: €9,950
Interest rate: 5% p.a.
The term: 4 years
Repayment: final maturity
With a final maturity loan, investors receive their interest payments on the entire loan amount in each year of the term. At the end of the term, you receive your investment amount and the last payment of your interest back in one payment.

Individuals and companies may participate in this crowdfunding. Details on the practical, financial and legal details of this crowdfunding can be found on this page.

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The goal of this campaign

The funds raised through this crowdfunding campaign will be invested into improving the platform's performance and offer new services to customers and partners.

Here is an overview of the upcoming features:

With the growing interest in “green” and “à la carte” services, myecostay's current software can no longer accommodate the flow of requests as efficiently as before. It needs to offer certain essential functions such as online payment, calendar synchronization, the creation of a customer and partner room, etc. The new technology will also enable us to offer a new level of customer service. In addition, we want to offer further services such as the integration of train tickets or cancellation insurance. In short, the website will be completely redesigned and changes will be made to many parts of the website: different CMS, new website structure, a new code base and new page sections.

Apart from the essential technical improvements, myecostay has had a goal since its foundation:

Establishing a community for actors invested in sustainability

myecostay works closely with its hosts. This relationship goes beyond the mere business relationship: myecostay and France écotours do their utmost to support the sustainable initiatives and progress of their partners and would like to facilitate a greater exchange of information between activists.

The new platform will provide this community with a space dedicated to information exchange, e.g. in the search for eco-suppliers, mutual support…

New feature for sustainable activities on our website:

An important part of the project is the creation of a sustainable range of activities to complement the accommodation. The user has the possibility of customizing activities to improve his or her stay, regardless of the type of accommodation. These include: workshops, participative workshops, training sessions, courses, wellness and outdoor activities, etc.

These activities are offered by partners who have been selected for ensuring hospitality, professionalism and commitment to sustainability.

You can contact us for more information on these features.

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How contributions will be used

We will invest €90,000 into the further development of the booking platform and offer you an attractive interest rate of 5% p.a. for a term of 4 years.
Approx. 70% of the acquired sum will be used for IT solutions, the rest for advertising and communication purposes.

With our project myecostay.eu, you can kill two birds with one stone:
Profit from good investment terms and lend money to our planet at the same time, in order to increase its sustainability

CO2 Bilanz

Why invest in myecostay?

Profit from good investment terms and lend money to our planet at the same time, in order to increase its sustainability.

What makes us unique

1)The only platform adhering to TourCert criteria (ISO26000) including Atmosfair Co² balance sheets for each accommodation.
2)Personnel with many years of experience in ecotourism.
3)Profitable business model.
4)Relevant UX content that is already well indexed.

Our standards of sustainable travel

CSR Travel for Tomorrow

As a travel company, we pay the utmost attention to sustainability. We also want to document them for the sake of our customers and business partners. This is why France écotours is a member of the “Forum Anders reisen”. Since 2010 we have been certified by the certification organisation TourCert according to the criteria of Corporate Social Responsibility. At our last audit in July 2018, we were pleased with the excellent results.

The TourCert criteria catalogue of the TourCert system for tour operators was officially recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and forms the basis of the certification systems for hotels, destinations and other companies.

TourCert: Sustainability is omnipresent in the economy. From minimizing the consumption of resources and thus saving costs, and higher customer and coworker satisfaction up to image improvement and efficient management – the reasons for fostering sustainability are various.


atmosfair, compiles CO2 balance sheets for buildings. Based on a detailed questionnaire from the host, Atmosfair calculates the CO2 footprint per night of a specific accommodation.
atmosfair GmbH is the result of a collaborative research project between the Federal Ministry for the Environment and a joint initiative of the tour operator association forum anders reisen and the environmental and development organisation Germanwatch founded in 2004. With the revenues, atmosfair supports worldwide climate protection projects. atmosfair's motto: C0²vermeinden-reduzieren-compensieren (avoid – reduce and compensate CO2).
Here you can read Yasmine Haun in Interview with Dietrich Brockhagen by atmosfair.

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Eric, vigneron

A profitable business model

France écotours is not a start-up, but a company tht has been recognised for more than 12 years in a growing niche market: ecotourism. Thanks to its expertise and the knowledge of its international audience, France écotours has been able to invest in the fast-growing sector of eco-tourism since 2013.

*Membership at myecostay
Registration on the myecostay platform is free of charge for proprietors and service providers alike. myecostay retains a 15% commission on each booking for its services. The end customer does not pay any commission. The main goal of the relaunch is therefore higher sales targets for the next financial year.

The team

Das France écotours / myecostay Team ist eine Mischung aus erfahrenen und fachkundigen Führungskräften in ihrem Bereich und Nachwuchskräften, die auf der Suche nach neuen Technologien und Markttrends sind, insbesondere den Erwartungen der jüngeren Generationen.
The France écotours / myecostay team is a mix of experienced and knowledgeable managers in their field and young professionals looking for new technologies and market trends, especially the expectations of younger generations.


myecostay benefits from this know-how and also from the many cross-selling opportunities that exist between the tour operator's activities and its own services. In fact, our proprietors can work for myecostay or France écotours, for example as part of a yoga stay or accomodate participants on one of our cycling tours. We also incorporate partners specializing in particular sustainable into a trip to enrich its itinerary.

From a customer's perspective, the future loyalty programme will cover both activities and rentals.

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Oriented towards the future

SUX accommodating the new generation

In a few years, Generation Z will make up the majority of our customers. They require targeted marketing. In addition to adapting to climate change, the development of information technology is also important. This generation is looking for flexibility, quick reactions and solutions according to their wishes and budget. We are preparing for the new generation by offering them sustainable, à la carte activities as well as a moderate use of social and digital media.

On the pulse of time #EntrepreneursForFuture

Right from the start, we have worked toward environmental protection:
- Actions for soft mobility
- Participation in the climate protection movement (Entrepreneurs for Future..)
- Promotion of organic farming / viticulture
- Support in sustainable fields such as algae, wool, straw bale cultivation, organic lavender cultivation…
- Promotion of organic veganism
- Information events in cooperation with FIBL
- Dissemination of exciting and informative blog articles

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Information for contributors

All emission-related documents in German are visible and available for download on the CrowdDesk platform. It is also there where you make a contribution online.

If you have any further questions, Ms. Yasmine Haun, Managing Director of France écotours GmbH and certified TourCert Manager, will be happy to answer them. You can reach her directly at yhaun@france-ecotours.com or by telephone at +4969 97788677.

Become part of our community!

We are very grateful for the support we can get, therefore we would like to thank you with rewards. As an investor, depending on your investment amount, you will receive a series of benefits that will run for 4 years.

You yourself become part of the community as either an ambassador, promoter, participant or supporter.

Perhaps you have acquaintances in your social circle who are interested in an attractive investment, who are looking for ecological accommodation or who offer sustainable activities? Then tell them about our crowdfunding campaign. Thank you very much!

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