Paris: World Leader for Public Transportation

The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), a New-York based institute focusing on the democratization of softer transportation (such as public transportation or bikes) released a study showing that Paris was the first city in the world regarding public transportation. An outstanding result that should keep improving in the next years thanks to Paris' administration's efforts.

To find out such a result, the ITDP compared public transportation networks in the world's most densely populated cities and determined how many people lived less than one kilometer away from a rapid, scheduled public transportation network (metro, tramway, suburban train). Paris was the only city in the whole world to achieve a perfect score (100%), whereas other important cities obtained lower scores (New York: 77%, Brasilia: 17%).

But there is more to come, as Paris decided to improve its network by 2024, building new lines and intensifying its efforts to reduce delays. Besides, new bicycle paths will be build and electrical scooters can be rented out in Paris.
To learn more about it, have a look at Paris official website.

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