Sustainable travel through Europe

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Your journey to France, Spain, Portugal or other European countries

Moving through Europe in an environmentally friendly way can be relatively easy. Of course, as with all long-distance travel, there is a certain fascination with flying, as it is comparatively fast and often inexpensive. But have you already heard about so-called e-kerosene as an alternative to classic kerosene? With the fairfuel by atmosfair quality standard, it will become very easy to book a comparatively sustainable flight in the future. In addition, as a sustainable tourism company, it is important to us to inform you about travel options other than flying, so that your personal journey is just as green as the accommodation you book on our vacation platform.

Let's take as an example – among numerous other options – the travel by high-speed train. While this option is somewhat more attractive in France than in Germany (as France has special high-speed lines connecting the largest cities), the rule of thumb is that high-speed travel produces up to 90 percent fewer CO2 emissions than travel by comparable means of transportation, regardless of the European country.

In this exciting blog category, we'll show you the latest developments in sustainable travel in Europe. You'll also find out how to travel and get around in the most environmentally friendly way possible for a wide range of regions – countries as well as states/departments and cities. And of course we are always at your disposal for individual advice.

What is the atmosfair fairfuel all about?


On our blog, we inform you regularly about exciting developments concerning sustainable travel. You are probably already familiar with atmosfair, but if you are particularly interested in ecology, you have also probably been reading the term atmosfair fairfuel more often recently. What this is all about – and why we think it's a really big deal – you'll find out here.

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Sustainable travel for digital nomads


Unlike with flying, that “little bit of extra luggage” is often not a problem when traveling by train. Digital nomads will be happy about this; after all, they usually travel around with more attachments than one would carry on a 2-week vacation. In addition, the comfort level on many European regional and high-speed trains is also much higher than what you can expect on a cheap budget flight.

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EuroVelo – what is it actually?


If you have read some of our blog articles about different countries and vacation destinations in Europe, you might have noticed that we mention different numbers and data about the respective country or region. One of them is the number of EuroVelo routes. For example, 3 of these routes lead through Spain, 6 through Poland, and 10 each through France and Germany. But what exactly is a EuroVelo route? Let's take a closer look at this term.

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