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We at myecostay – just like our umbrella brand France écotours – see ourselves as more than a mere tourism platform where our customers can quickly book their next holiday. We want to create real, lasting experiences, bring interesting people together and make them reflect about important issues. One of the topics that we value is the great variety of sustainable and ecologically-oriented lifestyles. Food production, its processing and cooking (including exciting trends such as “Slow Food”), will be among the topics which will be discussed here, as well as sustainable housing, ecological and efficient renovations etc. Finally, we truly hope that by doing so, we will help creating as well as keeping together a conscious, committed community.

In this blog category, we would like to present these topics and many more, in articles with rich content. We hope to add more and more information over time – so if you can't find a topic you are interested in, we would be very happy if you sent us a short message about it!

The wool sector in Europe : an upcoming renaissance?


Since prehistoric times, sheep have been selected for their wool, the trading of which has enriched medieval England. Today, the Common Agricultural Policy in Europe refers to this product as “exceptional waste”. However, some actors, such as the French agricultural engineer Laurent Moussier, have decided to re-evaluate the image of the wool industry.

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Permaculture: What is it all about and can I experience permaculture live?


The term “permaculture” has been around for a while, but for the last 15 years or so it has increasingly become a trend term.

Thanks a lot to FiBL (Research institute of organic agriculture) for their editorial help.

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