United Kingdom

Separated from the other countries by the Channel, close and far away at the same time, the United Kingdom has always been a nation apart in Europe. The Brexit is yet another proof of the country's independence and singularity. Although no longer part of the EU, the country remains an attractive destination for European tourists looking for a change of scenery and culture.

As a vegan paradise, the country is home to the Vegan Society, founded in 1944. This pioneer charity continues to fight for the rights of the vegan community of the country, which now includes over half a million people. The majority live in London, labeled most vegan-friendly city in the world!

A rich historical heritage

Travelling to England means discovering a complex and varied history. Inhabited for more than 12,000 years, the island still offers many vestiges of its rich heritage, starting with Stonehenge, the famous megalithic monument erected in 2400 B.C.. Conquered in turn by the Romans and then by the Normans in the 12th century, the United Kingdom still bears the traces of this lively past. The legacy of the Middle Ages is particularly visible: from small medieval villages to the famous Globe Theatre in London (where Shakespeare performed!) and the legendary Sherwood Forest, home to a certain Robin Hood, you can spend days exploring these various historical sites.

Four nations in one

The United Kingdom is actually made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Four nations with their own identity and history but united under the same flag. Exploring the UK is also about discovering a multi-faceted country, where each nation offers its unique characteristics.

  • - England is a land of contrasts. It is home to both Europe's third largest city and charming little villages; old manor houses lost in the wild moors and perfectly trimmed gardens. Speaking of gardens, Kent and its famous lush orchards welcomes all nature lovers and hikers, being a land of pilgrims and walkers since time immemorial. A walking tour of England offers a unique and original opportunity to travel through the history and nature of the country, by following an extensive and well-kept network of footpaths.
  • - A land of myths and legends, a strong Celtic heritage, wild and untamed nature… Scotland is a nation that has a lot to offer. From the tranquil lochs to the serenity of the Highlands and the many small islands that dot its coastline, the Scottish landscapes will surprise you with their wild beauty and definitely make you feel as if you were alone on earth.
  • - Wales too, is the ideal destination for those willing to enjoy a peaceful holiday, close to nature. With its three national parks, including the famous Snowdonia (where we have accommodation), Wales also offers many mountains and hills, as well as a magnificent coastline boasting over 150 beaches and charming fishing villages.
  • - Finally, apart from lakes, mountains and valleys, Northern Ireland also offers fascinating historical cities. In Belfast for example, enjoy the unique opportunity to taste varied cuisine while visiting the port where the famous Titanic was built!

Our sustainable favourites

Here are some examples of projects, initiatives and events that illustrate the English sustainable way of life. These projects seemed particularly relevant and interesting to us because they reflect the commitment of actors and/or the sustainability goals of English society:

  • - The city of Manchester, located in the northwest of England, unveiled an ambitious project in 2018 to revolutionize transport in the city-region. The aim is simple: encourage walking and cycling for daily journeys, in particular when travelling to school or to work. The city is investing £18 per head per year, more than any other English city and almost as much as in the Netherlands. 88km (55 miles) of tracks will be completed by Christmas 2021 but the project will last more than 10 years, creating almost 3,000km (1,800 miles) of tracks in the city-region.
  • - As mentioned earlier, the UK, and London in particular, are particularly suited to a vegan lifestyle. There are many examples, but the case of the 'Fauxmagerie; is particularly interesting. As the name suggests, the Fauxmagerie is a cheese shop serving only plant-based cheeses. Cashew nuts, soya, almonds and rice flour are just some examples of the ingredients of an original and varied selection, guaranteed without animal suffering.
  • - Finally, let´s mention the incredible project of the Englishman Rob Hopkins, founder of the “Transition towns” initiative. This social movement, created in 2006, brings together projects in which the inhabitants of a city unite to create a resilient and sustainable community. Founded in England, more precisely in the small town of Totnes, the movement is now international, bringing together more than 960 initiatives around the world.