Truly getting to know a region

Since we want to create a “well-rounded” organic experience with our accommodations, it is important for us to give you all the necessary information to truly understand the region you are visiting. Our blog, the personal conversations we will have together, but also the conversations you can have with your respective hosts on site are the different choices we offer. The topics of Fauna/Flora as well as Culture/Traditions (which you will not find in the descriptions of our accommodations) are the two topics which will be discused on this page.

Both fauna/flora and culture/traditions are topics that have a lot to do with respect. The respect to approach a new region with an open mind and to try to understand it. But also the respect to take care of the environment, not to pollute it and to leave it as you have found it. Also certain customs of some regions of Europe can initially seem completely unusual; a first friendly step towards the people helps quickly getting used to the unfamiliar.

One last thing: we have divided many of our blog categories by regions, states, etc. With fauna/flora and culture/traditions, however, it becomes clear that such political boundaries are not the ultimate guide. For example, the fact that the vegetation of the Alps cannot be found only in Austria, or that you can find a lot of Catalan culture in the French region of Occitania (just look at the enclave of Llívia), shows how interconnected and united Europe is after all.