The blog of myecostay and our organic community

Welcome to the blog of myecostay and our Europe-wide organic community.

What do we want to achieve with this blog?
First and foremost, our goal is to inform our readers, but then also to inspire and connect them:

  • - We want you to get to know the most exciting vacation spots in Europe, and at the same time learn how to travel to them sustainably, without harming the environment.
  • - We would be happy to inspire you to “Slow Travel”, which is a form of travelling that puts quality over quantity and that defines a trip not by a multitude of attractions, but by new experiences.
  • - And of course, we want to connect you with our hosts who meet high ecological standards, are happy to share their knowledge and passion for sustainable activities, and who are themselves involved in local communities.

Currently, our blog features 9 categories covering a wide variety of topics related to ecological travel in France, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Austria, and other European destinations. The authors are either our local experts or our own blog authors who gather their information through regular interviews.

Would you like to suggest a topic that should be covered in our blog? Then feel free to contact us at any time!