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France écotours, a long-standing expert for sustainable travel in France, arranges package tours and accommodation for all those who want to explore Europe on their own and who value eco-friendliness and locally run accommodation.

www.myecostay.eu, the online booking platform, stands out on the German travel market. It is the only platform which displays data on the CO2-balance of the accomodations, in co-operation with the CO2 compensation company atmosfair.

The platform exclusively offers sustainable accommodation (according to TourCert criteria) in Europe. With a wide selection of original accommodation options, from treehouses to Gypsy caravans and organic farms to comfortable eco-hotels, there is something for all tastes and budgets.

Many of our accommodations have received multiple awards for their high standards of sustainability.

A “one-individual-to-another” philosophy

Sustainable travel is far more than just low carbon emissions.

Just like the individual and group tours organised by France écotours, the focus of eco-friendly accommodation is on a natural and authentic experience.

The hosts play an important role. Mostly family-run organic accommodations, they offer their guests more than just overnight accommodation. They enthusiastically share their knowledge about the region and talk about their commitment to organic farming or sustainable tourism. Their hospitality includes personally preparing regional meals for travellers, introducing them to the regional culinary specialities. The ingredients come directly from the garden, from local organic farmers or from fair trade. That way, the holiday becomes a unique and unforgettable experience.

Our team

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Currently working for myecostay:


Yasmine is the managing director and a specialist for sustainable holidays. Born in Paris, she received her Diploma in Sociology (Sorbonne) and is a certified TourCert manager. She is fluent in four languages: French, German, English and Italian.


Born in Zweibrücken, on the French-German border, Philipp has always been fascinated by information technology challenges such as blockchain, Devop, or UX/UI. After several years of managing complex IT projects for large companies, he is now the “architect” behind the new myecostay site and Digital Project Manager. Philipp speaks German and English.


Anne is a sworn translator who has been living in Germany for over 30 years. She is also a citizen involved in associations and politics. Convinced that the environmental challenges of our time are also an opportunity for our lifestyles, she joined the myecostay adventure to support the development of a committed community. She communicates in French, German and English.


Patrick assists us equally as a copywriter, blog author and SEO expert. So if you read an ad for myecostay somewhere, it was most likely written by him. Patrick speaks both German and English.